Avengers Poster #141 Iron Man Thor Captain America Lockjaw Zabu by Ig Guara


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Iron Man, Thor and Captain America with the Pet Avengers: Throg, Redwing, Lockjaw, Zabu, Hairball, Lockheed and Ms. Lion (lol) Fantastic Four member Mister Fantastic visits Attilan, city of the Inhumans, seeking the six Infinity Gems (each an artifact of great power). Lockjaw, an oversized dog and pet of the Inhuman Royal Family, finds the Mind Gem, which increases the animal’s intelligence. Using telepathy to read Mr. Fantastic’s mind, Lockjaw decides to find the remaining Gems. The pet encounters and recruits a number of other animal companions to heroes, including the cat Hairball, the diminutive dragon Lockheed, the falcon Redwing, the frog Throg, and the puppy Ms. Lion (actually a character from the animated series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends).

Near mint condition.