Avengers Pin-up FRAMED #128 Thor Odin Loki Sif Rainbow Bridge by Chris Samnee


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Asgard is a small planetary body that serves as home to the Norse gods such as Thor, and their ruler, Odin. It exists in another dimensional plane and is about the size of the United States. It is not round like the Earth, does not spin on its axis, and does not revolve around the sun. It is a flat, asteroid-like mass that has a top surface with a gravitational pull, similar to that of the Earth’s, in order to keep the citizens and their cities from floating into the void. The matter on Asgard is also denser and more durable than the matter on Earth. There is an unknown force that keeps the surfaces of Asgard from eroding and from allowing its bodies of water from drifting off into space. Asgard has unknown intervals of day and night, it is unclear as to whether it uses Earth’s sun as a source of light, and there is no evidence that the seasons change. Asgard has one permanent portal and that is Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge. That portal leads to Midgard, but it has been shattered making it difficult to travel between the dimensions. However, there are said to be nexus portals in the surrounding area of space that lead to Earth. Asgard also has a portal to Olympus which is home to the Greek gods, but since Olympus is not one of the Nine Worlds it is presumed that the portal is artificial. Asgard also has one more unique phenomenon which is the Cave of Time wherein one can travel to other time eras.

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