Avengers Academy Volume 2 TP Will We Use This In The Real World 1st print


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Avengers Academy Volume 2: Will We Use This in the Real World? (Avengers Academy [Paperback] Near mint, 1st print. Hank Pym returns to his greatest role! That’s right, Giant-Man is back! Then, the Avengers Academy students take on a mission of vengeance against the Hood, and Finesse goes off in search of the man who could be her father: Taskmaster! But everything changes when Korvac returns and defeats the Avengers. Now, the world’s only hope lies with the Avengers Academy students, who have been aged to adulthood! With time manipulated, the team gets a glimpse of what the future might hold for them. For some, it’s a revelation; for others, a life sentence! Can they overcome their personal demons and master unfamiliar abilities in time to defeat a foe powerful enough to conquer Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? And if that wasn’t enough, enter the Young Allies, the Initiative – and the Sinister Six! This is what I’m looking for in a modern superhero comic. This second volume picks up launching our at risk super powered youth into some complex moral situations. While the premise of this book is a bit hammer handed, kids who could become super villains being taught to be super heroes, this volume is where it really refines itself. This is very much a volume about learning lessons, and learning about yourself, but its never trite, its never cliche. I love that this is a group of brand new characters, and while they may or may not have ties to older characters, these guys aren’t legacy characters like the Young Avengers with their destinies mapped out for them. These characters have the world open to them. Will they be heroes, villains, will they live at all. In this volume all of the kids face tough choices. Finesse confronted with a supervillain who may or may not be her father, Veil forced to do questionable things just to insure her survival. These are teens in a world made very real, and with no easy answers, and no clear paths, its a fun dramatic read, and its nice to not be able to see everything out in front of you. So if you like a fresh set of faces in a book with all the possibilities in the world this is for you. Or if you like classic old school Avengers action presented in a brand new modern feeling package, this is also where you should go. Lord knows its the most Avengers-ey of any of the Avengers books. Collecting AVENGERS ACADEMY #7-14. Paperback: 168 pages.


Near mint, 1st print. Collects issues 7-13. More pictures in description.