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Angel The Curse (2005) #2A

Published Jul 2005 by IDW Publishing.

Cover by David Messina – Jeff Mariotte (w); David Messina (a); TBD (c). In Romania, Angel makes contact with the Gypsy underground fighting against the oppressive regime of Corneliu Brasov. But they don’t know who Angel is, and?given their past history with the evil Angelus?if they did, they wouldn’t welcome his help. Meanwhile, Brasov commands his vampire army to eliminate Angel once and for all. IDW’s post-series Angel mini continues with this fast-paced installment by novelist and comic writer Jeff Mariotte and artist extraordinaire David Messina. Special variant covers provided by John Byrne, ChrisCross, and Kelsey Shannon. 32pgs, FC (2 of 5) Cover price $3.99.

Near mint, 1st print. Bag&Board, Been sitting boxed for 20 years, one owner!