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Adolescence 5 Sub Edition
by Laurence Steinberg (Author)

This text is the market leader in adolescent development. Adolescence,5e combines research,theory,and applications with an engaging writing style. The fifth edition continues to emphasize the contexts of development with regard to adolescence,such as the school setting,peer groups,families,and the workplace. Adolescence,5e is thoroughly updated to include the most current research in the field.

This text focuses on understanding adolescents’ development within the contexts of their environment and social relationships. It includes over 800 new studies and more than 100 new references on development within ethnic minority populations.

Hardcover: 544 pages
Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill College

When you open the book and begin reading from the Preface, you are quietly introduced to Laurence Steinberg and recognize immediately his apparent wisdom and experience in the subject of adolescence. The content of the surprisingly thin 500-page book is a treasure for anyone who is willing to dispel old myths of adolescent behavior and to consider the scientific evidence we have to date. The book’s layout and design are “reader-friendly” and appropriate for use by the hurried professional.

This textbook by Steinberg sets the standard for texts in the psychology of adolescence. Steinberg has distinguished himself not only as one of the major researchers in the area of adolescent development, but as a writer who can translate scientific jargon into language that is accessible. This text is well-written, well-organized, and contains most of the important research on adolescence.

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