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A Strange Day #0
Published Dec 2004 by Alternative Comics

STRANGE DAY ONE-SHOT by Damon Hurd & Tatiana Gill

Skipping school to buy the latest The Cure album, Miles arrives at the deserted Media Play parking lot waiting for the store to open. Here he meets Anna, who skipped her own classes for the same agenda. A free spirit, Anna takes it upon herself to bring introverted Miles out of his black-clad shell. A Strange Day is an original graphic novella about alienation, kindred spirits, and two Cure-heads’ serendipitous friendship, and the lessons they learn from each other. 48pgs, B&W, 6.5-in. x 9-in. Cover price $3.95.

This is s sweet graphic novel story about two teenagers skipping school and waiting to buy the new CD by The Cure. The Cure isn’t the only thing these folks have in common, and it’s fun to see them learn about each other.

What a cute, triumphant story! Brings back memories of high school. Never thought I’d re-feel those emotions with a sense of nostalgia.

The art does a great job of conveying adolescence, too. The characters are not sloppy, but certainly a little gangly.

Near mint, 1st print.