61 Cooperative Learning Activities in Algebra 1 SC Robert H. Jenkins


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61 Cooperative Learning Activities for Algebra I Paperback
by Robert H. Jenkins (Author)

This rich resource of cooperative-learning activities in algebra will give you just what you need to meet NCTM standards and learning outcomes. Along with step-by-step procedures, suggested materials, a time frame for activities, and notes on effective group strategies, you’ll find teacher directions and worksheets for each student group. Answers and NCTM standards correlations are included.

Explores key concepts including solving equations, factoring, slope, graphing, functions, and more.

Publisher: J Weston Walch

Includes NCTM standards through a variety of activities with varied size groups. Detailed procedures for both teacher and student and reproducible worksheets.

Book is in near mint condition. 0-8251-2866-8.


Book is in near mint condition.