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He’s young! He’s brilliant! And he’s uhh, well, red! He’s Yahoo Serious, Young Einstein! Young Einstein is an Australian comedy film directed by and starring Yahoo Serious, released in 1988. It was based loosely on the life of Albert Einstein, but relocated the theoretical physicist to Australia and had him splitting the atom with a chisel, and inventing rock and roll and surfing. Albert Einstein, the son of an apple farmer in Tasmania in the early 1900s, splits a beer atom with a chisel in order to add bubbles to beer, discovers the theory of relativity and travels to Sydney to patent it. While there, he invents the electric guitar and surfing while romancing Marie Curie. He invents rock and roll and uses it to save the world from being destroyed due to misuse of a nuclear reactor under the watchful eye of Charles Darwin. Serious first became interested in Albert Einstein when he was travelling down the Amazon river and saw a local wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a physicist on it. The image was that of Einstein sticking out his tongue, taken by photographer Arthur Sasse. On returning from the Amazon, Serious adapted a previous screenplay called The Great Galute which he had written with David Roach. It was a story about an Australian who invents rock and roll. The two developed The Great Galute into Young Einstein. The film was created on an extremely low budget, so low that Serious sold his car to generate funds, cameras were borrowed, and his Mum cooked for the crew.

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