X-Treme X-Men # 1 NM 2001 Chris Claremont Salvador Larroca Storm Rogue Thunderbird 1st print


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X-Treme X-Men (2001) 1st Series #1

Published Jul 2001 by Marvel.

cover by salvador larroca
chris claremont/salvador larroca

Humanity is at a crossroads, and will choose a future of glory… or of utter annihilation. The path they face was mapped a century ago by the blind mutant seer known as Destiny, and recorded in her 13 voumes of The Books of Truth. As seen in X-MEN #109, one volume has come into the possession of Professor X’s charges and now Rogue, Beast, Bishop, Thunderbird, Psylocke, Sage (an all-new character) and Storm choose to leave the safety of the X-Mansion and search for the missing volumes. But what they don’t know is that another force is embarked on the same quest, a man who is the first manifestation of the true homo sapiens superior the rightful inheritors of Earth and he considers mutants his mortal enemies… to be killed on sight! Written by Chris Claremont. Penciled by Salvador Larroca.

Near mint, 1st printing. Check description for more pictures.