X-Men Poster #252 Angel Salvadore by Frank Quitely Tempest NEW X-men


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Angel Salvadore is a mutant with abilities and a physiology that was similar to the common housefly. These abilities included an altered physiology that changed her body to be perfectly suited for flight, toughening her skin, making her cardiovascular and respiratory systems more efficient, and making her eyes more resistant to debris while flying. In addition, Angel’s digestive system was altered, forcing her to utilize a special acidic substance produced by her own body to partially digest her food before ingestion, though she still possessed teeth with which to chew. This substance could be used as a projectile weapon that could burn through most materials, such as wood, stone, and flesh. Angel’s reproductive system changed as well, forcing her to lay pods or eggs like an insect rather than giving live birth like a mammal. Angel’s body could presumably produce some type of silk, as she wrapped both herself and her growing children in such a substance. She also may have had the ability to walk on walls and ceilings like a fly can. Angel, after being wrapped in her first cocoon that jump started her mutation, grew a pair of veined, cellophane-like wings from her back. These wings allowed her to fly at an unknown top speed, and made her incredibly maneuverable in the air, even more so than fellow X-Men Angel and Icarus. She could perform acrobatic flips, fly backwards, and even fly upside down. The wings had the added effect of being able to vibrate at high speeds, which produced deafening sonic effects which could shatter glass and possibly even foes with superhuman durability. Finally, Angel was capable of wrapping herself in cocoons for healing purposes. The first cocoon she created began the rest of her mutation, while another that she created managed to heal her wings after they were extensively damaged, as well as other injuries on her body that she sustained. Due to the nature of the cocoons, it is unlikely that Angel would have had the power to reduce the aging process or cheat death like other well-known healers like Wolverine.

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