X-Men Poster #216 Rogue by Adriana Melo


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Rogue appears in comic books published by Marvel, commonly in association with the X-Men. Created by Chris Claremont and Michael Golden, the character first appeared in Avengers Annual #10 (1981). Rogue is depicted as a mutant, a subspecies of humans born with an “X-gene” that grants superhuman abilities. She is capable of absorbing the life force, attributes, memories, and superpowers of anyone through physical touch. Rogue is initially portrayed as a reluctant supervillain, but she soon joins the X-Men as a superhero and has since endured as one of its most prominent members.

The transfer of abilities is usually temporary, lasting for a period of time relative to how long contact is maintained, but if Rogue holds on to her victim for too long, the transfer may become permanent, leaving the victim nearly dead, as was the case with Ms. Marvel.

Rogue has been adapted in various media incarnations. Anna Paquin portrayed the character in 20th Century Fox’s X-Men film series, while Lenore Zann, Meghan Black and Kieren van den Blink have provided her voice in animation.

Adriana Melo is a Brazilian comic book artist. She has worked on various Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and DC Comics titles. Notably, she worked on the Star Wars: Empire series. She has also worked on DC Comics’ Rose & Thorn and Birds of Prey as well as Top Cow’s Witchblade and Marvel Comics’s Ms. Marvel. In 2018 she collaborated with writer Gail Simone on a six-issue DC miniseries featuring Plastic Man.

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