X-Men Poster #187 Vampire Gambit vs Rogue Mike Mayhew


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Rogue finally has her powers under control and can feel the touch of another…just in time for Gambit to be turned into a vampire! Poor Rogue! Following the events of X-Men: Legacy, Rogue appears to be able to activate her powers at will, as opposed to them being constantly active, as demonstrated when she kisses Gambit without incident. Her inability to control her powers stemmed from mental blocks within her mind which formed each time she used her abilities, crippling the development of her powers from their nascent stage. When Professor Xavier removes the blocks, her powers are allowed to develop normally. With this new control, Rogue demonstrates the ability to absorb and collectively utilize all the powers of the New X-Men, in order to defeat a rogue Predator X, with no apparent harm to either them or herself. She later uses the more lethal version of her powers against the Avengers during her fight with them, even making Falcon and She-Hulk immediately unconscious without any negative feedback on her physical self (besides She-Hulk’s green skin) but she cannot control the minds of the ones she absorbed. She steals their powers and renders them unconscious for a long time.

Near mint condition.