X-Men Pinup FRAMED #22 Magneto by Bill Sienkiewicz Uncanny X-Men


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Magneto was asked to aid the X-Men in battling the returned Beyonder. Magneto stayed with the X-Men even after the Beyonder was defeated. His association with the team softened his views on humanity, and Magneto eventually surrendered himself to the law to stand trial for his crimes. A special tribunal was organized which chose to strike all charges against Magneto from prior to his “rebirth,” deeming that this had constituted a figurative death of the old Magneto. However, the tribunal was interrupted by an attack from Fenris, the twin children of Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. Fenris was defeated, but Professor X was brought to near-death due to the strain of the battle and previously sustained injuries. Xavier asked Magneto to take over his school and the X-Men, and told him that doing so would make amends enough for his past crimes. Magneto agreed and chose not to return to the courtroom. Instead, he took over Xavier’s school under the assumed identity of Michael Xavier, Charles Xavier’s cousin. Seeing him try to reform, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver began accepting him as their father.

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