X-Men Pin-up FRAMED #56 Nightcrawler and Cerise Excalibur Michael Golden


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Cerise is an extraterrestrial from the planet Shaskofrugnon in the Shi’ar Empire. She was accidentally transported to Earth after deserting the empire’s brutal army, the Ghrand Jhar, refusing to fire upon innocents and as a result causing the death of her crew. She became a member of Excalibur upon encountering them, and later became romantically involved with Nightcrawler. Eventually, Cerise was taken into custody by the Starjammers for her crimes against the Shi’ar Empire. She was sent to the pan-dimensional prison Krag, where she was revealed to have destroyed the Shi’ar recruitment vehicle (Ghrand Jhar) to prevent it from carrying out further acts of genocide. She was forced to kill the second Fang in personal combat. The Shi’ar empress Lilandra pardoned Cerise for her crimes, given their circumstances, and allowed her to serve out her prison sentence as a personal aide. Cerise’s role in the Shi’ar Empire is to investigate reports of brutality and violence among Shi’ar officials. Cerise is a member of the alien Shi’ar race, making her physical abilities somewhat more powerful than an Earth human. She also has the ability to generate and psionically manipulate energy fields of coherent red spectrum light force. She can project the light as simple brightness, or as concussive blasts, or use it to form “solid” objects such as swords, force fields, shields, funnels, and more. She was even able to make a light armor covering Nightcrawler as he trained with Captain Britain. Cerise can create a bubble of coherent light around herself which she can levitate through the air. She once even used this energy to fly a whole broken Sentinel holding her friends within, across the Atlantic Ocean as a means of disguise. She can also fly naturally (without use of her energy fields), and hold her breath for six or seven minutes.

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