X-Men Pin-up FRAMED #15 Archangel and Psylocke Steve Epting Uncanny X-Force (Uncanny X-Men 319)


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Archangel and Psylocke. After Scott and Jean, Lorna and Alex and Rogue and Gambit…this is perhaps the most popular relationship in the X-Men mythos! Brit beauty Psylocke is a mutant with vast telepathic and telekinetic powers that she can focus into deadly psi-blades. She is a stealthy martial artist, a former fashion model and a prominent X-Man. She leads the current Uncanny X-Force with Storm and is part of her X-Men team. Archangel, a mutant and original member of the X-Men. Warren received his angelic wings at an tender age, as well as a unique healing factor in his blood. After becoming the heir to Apocalypse, Warren was killed. His body is now home to a new identity.

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