X-Force Poster # 1 Mike Allred Madman FF U-Go Girl Orphan Anarchist X-Statix


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U-Go Girl, Orphan and Anarchist from X-Statix / X-Force! A new, sardonically toned X-Force consisting of colorfully dressed and emotionally immature young mutants put together and marketed to be media superstars. X-Statix (originally X-Force) was really the first comic series focused on the idea that superheroes would almost have to be expendable, pop culture figures, complete with sponsors, fans, and reality TV coverage of their exploits. These ideas raise questions that rarely get asked in the superhero world, such as how does one afford to fight crime as a full time job? We the comic book reading public have always taken it for granted that all it would take to be a superhero is some fantastic power, but finally X-Statix shows that even to be a superhero would require some sacrifice and a lot of risk. This is all more partial to truth than most any other superhero series.

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