X-Factor Poster # 4 by Larry Stroman Havok Polaris Wolfsbane Madrox Strong Guy


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Havok, Polaris, Strong Guy, Madrox The Multiple Man and Wolfsbane! Rather than end the series, Marvel hired writer Peter David and illustrator Larry Stroman to recreate X-Factor with new members, all of whom were already allies of the X-Men, and three of whom were involved in the Muir Island Saga. The new X-Factor worked for the Pentagon making them the only salaried mutant team. Their relationship with their benefactors was often strained and complicated. The new X-Factor, debuting in issue #71, included: Valerie Cooper – A U.S. government agent with history as both ally and adversary of the X-Men who became X-Factor’s government liaison, carrying over from her duties as liaison to a prior government-sponsored team of mutants, Freedom Force. Havok – A former X-Man and brother of Cyclops who could manipulate powerful, but hard to control, cosmic rays. Havok served as X-Factor’s leader. Multiple Man – He could create duplicates of himself on physical impact. He was previously offered X-Men membership, but he declined, opting instead to work at the Muir Island research centre. Polaris – Havok’s long-time lover and also a former X-Man who could control magnetism. Quicksilver – A long-running Avengers character and former foe of the X-Men, who possessed super speed and a difficult temperament. He was a late addition to the team roster. Strong Guy AKA Guido – A wise-cracking character who could rechannel kinetic energy aimed at him, transforming it into muscular mass and power. Lila Cheney’s former bodyguard. Wolfsbane – A Scottish, former New Mutant who could transform into a wolf-like creature. Some artificial manipulation of her feelings caused her to love Havok, much against her will, and caused her much conflict and frustration because she knew he loved Polaris. Although X-Factor was not as flashy or wildly popular as other X-books, David was applauded for his use of humor and cultural references, and his ability to flesh out characters that had previously only been background characters.

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