X-51 The Machine Man # 4 NM Justice Firestar Hellfire Club Mike Higgins Karl Bollers


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X-51 (1999) #4
Published Nov 1999 by Marvel.

cover by joe bennett mike higgins & karl bollers/ joe bennett/larry schlekewy Guest-starring the Avengers! X-51, still on the run from the federal government, seeks solace in New York City with the one group he trusts: the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! But just as he finds sanctuary, the mechanical misanthrope runs afoul of their newest additions?Justice and Firestar! Poor Jarvis may just have to put in for overtime after this trio gets done trashing the Mansion! And if the Machine Man appears, can the synthezoid knwn as the Vision be far behind?

Avengers / Spider-Man Unlimted Bookmark ad still bound in issue. Near mint condition. 1st print.