Wolverine Pin-up FRAMED # 7 Brown Costume by Walt Simonson


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The brown and tan suit Wolverine wore in honor of the Clan Yashida first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #139, designed by John Byrne. I always thought this costume was much cooler than his yellow one. When asked by Nightcrawler about the reason for his latest outfit change, Logan aptly replied, “Why the hell not, bub?” Ditching the shoulder pads, tiger stripes, and bright colors of the original costume, John Byrne designed a more muted, intimidating look for Logan. Swapping blue and yellow for brown and tan proved the most significant change, as the darker colors more closely matched the personality of the character and resulted in a costume that struck a chord with fans. Among all his costumes, the brown-and-tan would go on to have the longest continuous run, as it lasted until Wolverine switched back to his blue-and-yellow duds in 1991. But this costume has not been forgotten, and its brief return in WOLVERINE: ORIGINS brought much rejoicing from fans. “The way I see it, the blue and gold outfit is his uniform—it’s the X-Men colors” says WOLVERINE: ORIGINS and DARK WOLVERINE writer Daniel Way. “That’s for official business. The brown costume, however, is for personal matters, and that’s what ORIGINS is all about, so I thought it fit. That, and it’s my favorite. Don’t know why that particular color scheme looks so bad-ass on him, but it just does.”

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