Wizard Edge 3 Greg Horn Street Fighter Halo Cvr 2004


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Wizard Edge 3 Greg Horn Street Fighter Halo Cvr 2004 (1) Wizard Entertainment proudly presents WIZARD EDGE: Spotlighting the Hottest Buzz Books! This special publication will focus on up-and-coming creators, characters on the edge and hot licensed comics. Read an exclusive POWERS 8-page original comic story by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Avon Oeming! This 8-page special event story will introduce a brand new character that will tie into the all-new Powers series that starts in March! Behold the TOP 25 TRADE PAPERBACKS ON THE EDGE that you must own! These great stories are essential to your collection. See what you are missing from great creators like Mike Allred, Terry Moore, Paul Chadwick, Stan Sakai and many others whose profiles are on the rise. Meet the godfather of independent comics, Robert Crumb, as Wizard Edge takes an in-depth look at his prolific career and the great impact his works have had on modern creators. See the boundaries that he smashed and what the fuss is about from the eyes of today’s top creators. Break into the comics field as a creator and self-publish! Get an instructional guide to the mechanics of self-publishing, complete with plenty of advice from those who now pay their rent producing independent books. From the independent pages of classic pulp novels, Robert E. Howard’s Conan has ascended into comic books and feature films. Get the complete dish on his latest comic incarnation at Dark Horse Comics along with his rich history in comics and film. Artist Joe Linsner (Dawn) creates a dazzling Conan cover to Wizard Edge. Get the complete low-down on video game comics. It’s all here Halo, Street Fighter, Tomb Raider, Megaman and more. Plus see video comics that we’d love to see like Grand Theft Auto! Artist Greg Horn (Emma Frost/Mystique) creates an all-new video game alternate cover to this issue of Edge. Want more? How about Kevin Smith, James Kolchaka, David Mack, Frank Cho, Daniel Clowes and literally hundreds of other creators and properties? All kinds of exciting comics for all kinds of readers will be covered in Wizard Edge.

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