Wizard Edge 2 Dawn Linsner Cover 2003


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Wizard Edge 2 Dawn Linsner Cover 2003 (1) Cover 2 of 2: Dawn by Joseph Linsner In this issue: exclusive 30 Days of Night prequel. Wizard Entertainment proudly presents WIZARD EDGE: The Hottest Buzzbooks! This special publication will focus on newer creators, characters on the edge and hot licensed comics. As Joseph Linsner’s Dawn continues to gain popularity, transforming from cult favorite to comic phenomenon, see a fantastic gallery of Linsner’s new work. Linsner also illustrates a gorgeous all-new Dawn cover to this issue. As artist Jeff Smith prepares to end his legendary Bone comic series, Wizard Edge speaks to this independent creator about the end of this groundbreaking title and what he plans to do next. Read an EXCLUSIVE 30 Days of Night 8-page comic by Steve Niles. This all-new story will not appear anywhere else! Learn how to Break into Comics, as we explain everything that you’ll need to know, from making the right connections, to where to study, to how to self-publish. See how today’s most successful pros did it and avoid their mistakes. Meet the Top 5 most interesting personalities on the edge of the industry, including Johnny the Homicidal Maniac creator Jhonen Vazquez, Evan Dorkin and more! The ’80s are back, a rundown on the top-selling nostalgia books that are overrunning comics, including Transformers, G. I. Joe, He-Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Artist Pat Lee creates a dazzling new Transformers cover. Go from Small Press to Hollywood as we follow properties that are headed to the big screen including 30 Days of Night, Hellboy, Herobear and the Kid, along with Kavalier and Clay and others.

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