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Wizard 168 All Star Batman + Robin Jim Lee Cvr (1) (DC’s 52 article, Michael Turner signs with Marvel article, Warren Ellis article, Dale Keown Pitt article, Steve Niles Q+A, Spider-Woman article, Moon Knight article, Joss Whedon interview, Daredevil Father article, Neil Gaiman interview, Jeph Loeb and Joe Madureira Ultimates article and interview, Natalie Portman V for Vendetta interview, House of M article, Ghost Rider article, All Star Batman and Robin article, All Star Superman article and preview, Ultimate Marvel article and trade paperback reviews, Top 100 Cartoons of all time, Ultimate Avengers animated article, Black Widow movie article, A History of Violence article, X-Men Legends 2 article, Smoke and Guns article)

I bought a lot of Toyfare magazines from a collector. He bought each issue, read it and then put it back in the polybag with all the contents and then bagged and boarded it. This is an issue from that lot. Near mint condition.