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Wizard 159 Giant Size X-Men 1 Cvr John Cassaday Astonishing (1) (Superman movie article, Black Panther/Hudlin article, Mark Silvestri/Mark Waid – Hunter/Killer interview, Constantine movie article, David Goyer’s Blade: Trinity diary, Jennifer Garner / Elektra interview, Astonishing X-Men Directors Commentary, John Cassaday article, Brad Meltzer article, Identity Crisis article, Bendis article, Michael Turner article, Ex Machina article, Green Arrow article, Marvel VS DC interview (Bendis and Millar for Marvel and Geoff Johns and Loeb for DC), Fantastic Four movie article, Top 10 Covers of 2004, Demo article, Pat Lee checklist, Paul Chadwick checklist, Sketchbook checklist and price guide, 13 things you didn’t know about the Legion of Super-Heroes)

Near mint condition.