Wizard 158 Captain America Wolverine Spider-Man Cvr David Finch Fantastic Four Iron Giant


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Wizard 158 Cap Wolvie Spidey Cvr David Finch New Avengers (1) (Kiss & Tell preview, House of M article, Age of Apocalypse article, Seven Soldiers article, Spider-Man 3 Movie rumors, Bendis New Avengers interview, American Flagg! article, Geoff Johns-Brad Meltzer-Greg Rucka-Jeph Loeb-Judd Winick interview, Rob Bowman interview (Elektra director), Identity Crisis article, Top 10 What If? stories of all time, Steve Niles article, Space Ghost comic article, Rob Liefeld interview, Fantastic Four movie article, Francis Lawrence interview (Constantine movie director), Batman Begins movie article, Iron Giant article, Witchblade Anime article, District X article, David Lapham Q+A, Small Gods article, Ed Brubaker checklist, Top Shelf Productions checklist, What If? price guide and checklist, 12 things you didn’t know about the Avengers)

Near mint condition.