Vampirella Poster #10 David Michael Beck Harris Howl at the Moon


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Vampirella is a sexy female vampire born on Drakulon. In this dark realm of Hell, blood flowed like water in huge rivers and Vampirella depended on this blood for sustenance. When Vampi came to Earth, she was forced to drink the blood of humans to survive. Once on Earth, Vampirella was given a sacred mission – to rid the Earth of all vampires, the evil offspring of her own mother Lilith! In this quest, she has faced off against a number of powerful enemies, including the Blood Red Queen, Hemorrhage and even the legendary Dracula himself! In a quest to discover her true origins, Vampirella discovered she is the first of a new breed of vampire, evolved for the new millennium. She is without any of the traditional weaknesses of vampires – immune to sunlight, garlic, religious icons, or even holy water. Although Vampirella does possess supernatural strength, speed, and ferocity, her greatest power lies in her iconic beauty and irresistible sensuality

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