Ultimates Poster # 6 Ultimate Captain America Joe Madureira Darksiders


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Like his Earth 616 counterpart, Ultimate Captain America underwent the super soldier procedure which turned him into America’s first super soldier, however unlike in the mainstream universe, this version seems to have superhuman physical attributes. On a number of occasions characters have described his strength as enhanced. He has been shown bending steel with his bare hands, catching a tree heavy enough to crush a jeep. He is also shown jumping large distances, and the Ultimate Red Skull, when he was fourteen and scientists said he had abilities comparable to his father, is shown running alongside a motorcycle. Also a planned replacement said to be as strong as Cap is said to have superhuman strength, speed and agility. Captain America is also shown to have fast healing, while nowhere near as powerful as Wolverine and Sabretooth’s, in “Blade vs the Ultimates” a remembrance by Cap shows scientists saying he can heal gunshots and knife wounds in hours. And Cap himself in Ultimates volume 1 says he should be able to heal broken bones in about a week.

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