Ultimate X-Men V2 TP Return to Weapon X 1st Print


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Ultimate X-Men Volume 2 TP Return to Weapon X 1st Print

Collects issues 7-12. Wolverine’s back among the X-Men and being hounded by the Weapon X program again, but this time the X-Men are taken captive. This is the first appearance in the series of Nightcrawler, who speaks more German and is a very likable character. We’re also introduced to a recurring villain, Wraith, who’s lovably evil and a real jerk, allowing his troops to riddle Wolverine with bullets while he’s being held captive, just to watch his healing factor make him better so they can start over. I love the speech that Colossus makes where he explains why Wolverine will save the day, only to have Sabretooth walk into the complex a moment later, dragging Logan by his feet, unconscious after they hit him with napalm! This story features a decent rescue and a great battle between Logan and Sabretooth. No Weapon X/Weapons Plus story would be complete without that.

Volume 2 – 1st printing. “Return to Weapon X!” Collects Ultimate X-Men #7-12. By Mark Millar & Adam Kubert Writer Mark Millar and artists Adam Kubert and Tom Raney revisit Wolverine’s past in “Return to Weapon X’!” When the X-Men are recruited by Sabretooth and the Weapon X program, can Logan alone save them? It’s six more issues of mutant madness as Nightcrawler, Juggernaut, Rogue, and Nick Fury make their dazzling debuts in the Ultimate universe! 144pg, softcover, full color. Cover price $14.95. 1st printing.

Collects Ultimate X-Men #7-12. Near mint, 1st print.