True Believers Generation X 1 NM Scott Lobdell Chris Bachalo Jubilee Emma Frost



True Believers Generation X #1
Published Jun 2017 by Marvel

Reprinting Generation X (1994) 1

Written by Scott Lobdell. Art by Chris Bachalo and Mark Buckingham.

This issue kicks off a brand new generation of X-Men: Husk, Jubilee, M, Chamber, Skin, Penance, Synch, and Mondo led by Banshee and White Queen.

The next generation of mutant heroes begins their training now! Who is the energy-draining Emplate, and what is his connection to M?

36 pages, full color.

Dawn at the new Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngers finds Paige, Jubilee & Monet preparing for class, while Jonothan Starsmore is flying to the school via the red eye from London. At the school, Synch trains with Skin, ending with the two tangled together. Banshee admonishes them for using their powers against each other before fully controlling them, but Emma tells him it was her idea. Meanwhile, the villainous Emplate waits at the airport for Jonothan’s arrival. After Banshee, Jubilee & Synch leave to pick him up, Gateway suddenly appears at the school, and Monet realizes Emplate has returned. At the airport, Emplate attacks Jonothan, attempting to feed on his genetic material, but is interrupted by Banshee, Jubilee & Synch. He soon overpowers them, until the rest of the team, along with Emma, arrives via Gateway. Together, they drive off the villain, after which, Jubilee welcomes Jonothan to Generation X. Elsewhere, Emplate returns home to discover someone he’s been holding prisoner is gone, At the school, Banshee confronts the mysterious Gateway, who speaks a single word – penance – before revealing he’s left an unconscious young woman with red, diamond-hard skin on the lawn.

This issue marks the first official appearance of Generation X, the third group of young mutants, after the original X-Men and the New Mutants, to join Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters to learn how to use their powers (and, to some extent, how to use those powers in defense of humanity/against various evil forces), though the majority of the characters made their initial character debuts in previous issues.

The goal of heads-of-school Banshee & Emma Frost with these kids is less clear. There’s certainly talk of training them for combat, they all have codenames (and combat-friendly school uniforms). and the group pretty clearly fights a bad guy in this issue (though notably in defense of one of their own). Paige, for one, clearly sees the school as a stepping stone to the X-Men (and, correctly or not, views the group explicitly as a team, of which she wants to be the leader), while Jubilee notably left the X-Men to come to the school in order to learn about her powers without the added pressure of also fighting for her life. In general, the series mostly walks the line that combat training is more for self-defense than overt super-heroing, and that if, after “graduating”, the students want to join the X-Men, so be it.


Near mint condition. Reprints Generation X #1