Transformers Poster #25 Starscream Air Warriors vs Grimlock Pat Lee War Within


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Two Starscreams? No! They’re actually the Aerospace Extermination Squadron. A plethora of drones loyal to Megatron standing over what’s left of Grimlock! When Starscream and the other standard Seekers just aren’t enough, call in the Air Warriors. Sometimes they’re explicitly drones and sometimes they’re just quietly single-minded, depending on the continuity. But they’re always obedient, determined, and ruthless. Some time before the Great Shutdown, Megatron and Optimus Prime were lost in a space bridge accident. When Megatron returned millennia later, he brought with him the “Aerospace Extermination Squadron,” a million-strong fleet of Seeker drones which he quickly used to dominate Cybertron. After capturing the planet, the drones policed the Autobot slaves. Progressing from one task to the next with no sign of true self-awareness, they communicated amongst themselves in sentence fragments via radio or perhaps telepathy.

Near mint condition.