Transformers Poster #17 Terrorcons Attack by Joe Ng Battle Ravage Divebomb


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An army of Battle Ravage’s and Divebomb’s…members of the Terrorcons! After Unicron’s subsequent defeat, Scorponok sought out (or was recovered by) Alpha Quintesson, who granted him a newly-enhanced “Hyper-Mode” laden with energon-powered weaponry. He gathered a small group of loyal followers, dubbed the Terrorcons, to undertake Alpha Quintesson’s will. Battle Ravage is as his name suggests: a cold, heartless killing machine who will rip apart his enemies in battle with claw and tooth. Sometimes there are lots of him. Divebomb has no glaring weaknesses, although his desire to retreat when things get ugly is not a characteristic highly valued by his field commander Scorponok (though it REALLY should be). More than any other Terrorcon, he has a better sense of when to pull his troops before they get toasted. A driven and fierce warrior, he is armed with razor-sharp energon blades that combine into a giant, boomerang-type weapon.

Near mint condition.