Transformers Poster 14 Micromasters Race Track Patrol PatLee Barricade Groundhog


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Groundhog, Motorhead (spraying graffiti), Roller Force and Barricade…the Micromasters that make up Race Track Patrol! Nothing like a little defacing of an Autobot to get the gears churning! When the Race Track Patrol is loose, stay off the roads. These fast and furious fiends love nothing more than to make driving as unpleasant as possible for fellow drivers (and each other). When they’re not running red lights, sideswiping each other, or mowing down Autobots, they’re making money on the side by smoking human street racers. Only the authoritarian leadership of Barricade keeps these speed demons in line, and even he can’t stop their demolition derby antics from leading them astray from their missions.

Near mint condition.