Transformers Poster #10 Optimus Prime vs Shockwave Alex Milne Hot Rod Race Track Patrol


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Hot Rod Patrol (Big Daddy, Trip-Up, Greaser and Hubs) on the right and Race Track Patrol (Barricade, Ground Hog, Motorhead and Roller Force) on the left of the Micromasters while Optimus Prime is pinned down by Shockwave! Hot Rod Patrol. Sin Street, Little Iacon. Trouble hits hot and heavy when the Hot Rod Patrol roll into town. These are the children of violence, who live today as if there’s no tomorrow. Hep cats, who learn the naked facts of life too soon. They’re jazzed up and power mad! Witness if you dare, the ravaged lives in the adolescent jungles of Cybertron today. They are in your city, your town, your neighborhood. These… are the delinquents. The Hot Rod Patrol—the hottest of hot rodders, the cool and the crazy—guys who’ve got what it takes. Starring: Big Daddy, that rockin’est, rollin’est of cats. Greaser, the lost boy, child of the streets. Hubs, the nice kid who’d rather die than be called chicken. Trip-Up, the bully-boy punk whose courage was a snap-open blade. When the Race Track Patrol is loose, stay off the roads. These fast and furious fiends love nothing more than to make driving as unpleasant as possible for fellow drivers (and each other). When they’re not running red lights, sideswiping each other, or mowing down Autobots, they’re making money on the side by smoking human street racers. Only the authoritarian leadership of Barricade keeps these speed demons in line, and even he can’t stop their demolition derby antics from leading them astray from their missions.

Near mint condition.