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Tradewinds and Coconuts: A Reminiscence and Recipes from the Pacific Islands Hardcover
by Jennifer Brennan (Author)

When author Jennifer Brennan lived in Guam, she saw and sampled the bounty of delights that can only be found in the lush Pacific Islands: exotic meats, unusual seafoods, and extraordinary fresh fruits and vegetables, all brought together with flavors and spices in delicious new combinations.

Tradewinds and Coconuts presents the cuisine and culture of the Pacific Islands with recipes, personal anecdotes, descriptions of native ingredients, and original artwork. Tradewinds and Coconuts is a cookbook, a reminiscence, and a colorful glimpse of island living. Inside the home cook will learn about:

* Oceanic appetizers-from hors d’oeuvres to stewy soups to luscious tropical salads

* Foods from in and around the sea-tantalizing recipes made from mollusks, crustaceans, amphibious reptiles, and Pacific Ocean fish

* Mouth-watering meats-from the familiar to the exotic

* Authentic preparation-cooking in an earth-pit oven

“Interspersed between the recipes are beautifully written stories from this author’s travels.” — San Diego Magazine

“An intriguing look at the food and lore of the South Pacific.” — ForeWord

Jennifer Brennan taught Indian and Southeast Asian cooking at her California cooking school, The Asian Experience. For five years, she wrote a weekly column on Asian food and cooking for The Los Angeles Herald-Examiner and has contributed to magazines such as Bon Apetit and Food & Wine. She is the author/illustrator of The Cuisines of Asia: Nine Great Oriental Cuisines by Technique, The Original Thai Cookbook, One-Dish Meals of Asia, and Food of India. She is also co-owner of Curries and Bugles, a new Raj cuisine restaurant in San Diego.

Hardcover: 344 pages
Publisher: Periplus Editions
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A wonderful read, and the recipes aren’t bad either. Actually the recipes are excellent. Brennan’s writing is excellent and transports you to the exotic Far East if only in your dreams.

Offers hundreds of tropical recipes featuring condiments, hors d’oeuvres, stews, salads, seafood, desserts, and even earth-pit oven meals. Describes unfamiliar foods and cooking methods.

The cuisine of the Pacific islands are discussed as the author writes about her memories and gives many recipes from the region. There are recommendations for the substitutions a number of ingredients.

Book and dust jacket are in near mint condition. 1st printing. Sticker on back cover. 962-593-819-2.


Book and dust jacket are in near mint condition. 1st printing. Sticker on back cover.