Toyfare 25 Podracer Star Wars Cvr Bagged and Boarded


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Toyfare (1997) #25A
Published Sep 1999 by Wizard.

Cover 1 of 2 Star Wars Podracer Cover. EXCLUSIVE limited edition Bronze Age Lady Death in Battle Armor action figure offer from Moore Action Collectibles! ToyFare: The Toy Magazine #25 presents tons of photos and follow-up street and market reports on the newest action figures and toys from ³Star Wars: Episode I? The Phantom Menace.² Which are the hottest, the best sellers, what¹s the craziness about, what more can be expected and what has Star Wars really done to us? We¹ll also look at how much the toy industry and consumers are spending in the name of the Force. Issue #25 marks our second anniversary as the number one monthly magazine on action figures, we celebrate by making ToyFare #25 our special self-indulgent issue! We start by becoming action figures ourselves and hangin¹ out with the classic Star Wars figures after the opening of the new film. We continue by looking at great moments in ToyFare history (before we were actually a publication). Then the insane characters from ³Twisted Mego Theatre² present another shocking episode. Get online with ToyFare as we pick today¹s best toy websites for every toy line imaginable. We start with obvious choices like Star Wars, Transformers and Mego, and then move on to more specialized things like G.I. Joe, the Micronauts and Japanese toys. Plus, get your monthly dose of ³Big Shots,² ³Homemade Heroes² and ³Toy Story² with a look at Spider-Man toys. ToyFare has the most complete full-color action figure price guide (with all of the hottest new and classic Star Wars toy prices), toy news and updates along with all-new Star Wars toy info. It doesn¹t matter if you¹re a casual toy fan or an obsessive super-collector, you can¹t afford to miss this issue of ToyFare: The Toy Magazine.

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