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Robert “Robbie” Baldwin, originally known as Speedball, was created by artist Steve Ditko and writer Tom DeFalco. In the Marvel Comics crossover “Civil War”, Baldwin’s powers change, and he changes his name and appearance to Penance. Following this change, Baldwin becomes a member of the Thunderbolts. After the events of Stamford, Baldwin believed his powers to be burned out. However, they still exist, but now only manifest when he feels pain. While his powers are still kinetically based, they no longer appear to manifest as a “bubble field”; rather, his powers seem far more explosive in nature. In order to stimulate his powers, his Penance suit constantly rakes his flesh. Baldwin tolerates this to a masochistic degree, once stating that he would “wear the suit all the time if I could.” By wearing the suit he has developed a natural tolerance to pain. Penance can achieve a variety of effects with his newfound powers. The most commonly used are explosive energy blasts from his hands but he is capable of firing them from any part of his body via the conduits on his spikes. He can create storm-like fields of energy around him capable of harming those around him and smashing objects. He can focus the energy on parts of his body, often on his hands to form superpowerful punches. He can also engulf himself in an energy forcefield which gives him a degree of invulnerability and allows him to levitate off the ground.

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