Thor Poster #51 vs The Serpent by Stuart Immonen


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The Serpent is the enigmatic Asgardian God of Fear locked away by Odin himself countless ages ago. Thanks to Sin, the Red Skull’s daughter, he has been unleashed upon the world once more. The Serpent, an Asgardian fear deity who causes global panic on Earth, and who seeks to reclaim the throne of Asgard he contends was usurped by his brother, Odin, father to Thor, when the latter vanquished him ages ago. He claims that he is the true all father of Asgard and brother to Odin. He wanted revenge due to the fact that Odin locked him away from his right as the true King of Asgard. As a result, he summons and dispatches seven hammers to choose people to become The Worthy where they land in various places on Earth. He planned to use to The Worthy to increase his power by making them spread fear across the globe. He is later seen overseeing the construction of a Nazi army led by Skadi and sending telepathic messages to his Worthy, encouraging them to cause as much chaos as possible. He later summons forth the rest of his servants and builds a fortress on Earth where, in a more youthful form, faces off against Thor. It is revealed early in their short confrontation that The Serpent is the one Thor is fated to die in battle with as prophesied instead of the son of Loki, J√∂rmungandr, the Midgard Serpent. Cul transformed into a giant serpentine dragon and he battled Thor, who was equipped with the Odinsword.

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