Thor Poster #38 Death of Hogun of Warriors Three by Andy Kubert


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Hogun is Aesir like most of the Asgardians. Also, his unnamed homeland was conquered long ago by Mogul of the Mystic Mountain, who slew Hogun’s forebears and laid waste to the land. For a time he was apprenticed to the stone carvers. He joined with Volstagg and Fandral to judge a dare and formed a lifelong friendship. This, dare, the “petting” of the Fenris wolf, led to a humiliating defeat for all three men. Afterwards, legends and tales would then stop referring to Hogun in cheerful terms and use dour, negative names. Hogun dies in Ragnarök fairly early. Later, however, he is found alive and well and was restored by Thor. He establishes a new life in Asgard. Hogun is one of the army of Asgardians and Earth based heroes who help protect it during the ‘Siege’ invasion; Norman Osborn had attacked with an army of Earth supervillains.

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