The Witches Poster by Mike Deodato Jr Dark Avengers Santana Topaz Kale


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Mike Deodato Jr has grown into one of the best artists in the industry. Personally, I’m more of a writer follower but Deodato Jr’s art pretty much guarantees a buy from me after his work on Thunderbolts and Dark Avengers. Above all else, the guy draws the hottest women in the industry and this poster is no exception! A descendant from a powerful magical family, Andy Kale is tricked into opening a book of magic and thus letting loose a terrible evil. Sensing what happens, Doctor Strange recruits three powerful witches: Andy’s sister Jennifer Kale, Satana, and Topaz. He tells them they are to stop the evil monster before it destroys the world’s mystics and then the world itself. Though the girls don’t exactly see eye-to-eye due to their varied personalities, they agree to help. Jennifer Kale: A descendant of a large magic family, Jennifer is a powerful sorceress. Her family are keepers of the Tome of Zhered-na, which is one of the most powerful Book of Shadows in existence. It is the creation of a divine and evil spirit who shared all their knowledge with a Kale family member who wrote down their words and passed the magic down throughout the years. Various gods were angered at their secrets being given to mortals, so they bound a demon called a Hellphyr in the book for protection. Born and raised in the Florida swamplands, Jennifer became a trusted ally to the Man-Thing, who helped her on various adventures. Currently studying at a college in San Francisco, California, Jennifer continues learning various aspects of magic in her spare time in order to become a high level Mage. Satana Hellstrom: The daughter of the high-level demon Marduk Kurios and a mortal woman, Satana is a high-ranking sorceress and succubus, stealing the souls of others to strengthen her life-force. While her brother Daimon Hellstrom rejected his dark legacy, Satana embraced hers and was raised by her father in hell, becoming his prized pupil in the dark arts. As she grew older a rift formed between her and her father and she was banished to the mortal realm without his aid. She died while helping Doctor Strange when he was infected with The Curse of the Wolf, but was resurrected by him later in order to provide the “Demonic” element of the Witch trio. Topaz: As a young girl Topaz never knew her true origins or heritage. Living as an orphan in India, Topaz was gifted with empathy and magical abilities at an early age. She was adopted and raised by the sorcerer Taboo, who proved to be overly demanding of Topaz and her gifts. Through him she came to know Jack Russell, better known as Werewolf by Night. The two formed an on-again off-again relationship over various adventures together. Later the demon Mephisto kidnapped Topaz to Hell, telling her that she would grow to be powerful enough to destroy him on her 21st birthday. Remaining his prisoner for a time, she was eventually freed by Franklin Richards and Doctor Strange. She continued to study magic under the Sisters of Glastonbury Tor in Britain, but later became the owner of the Voodoo Lounge, a bar catering to those in the occult in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. She then decided to immerse herself in mystic arts and training, becoming Doctor Strange’s protégée. In doing so she caused her once caucasian/blonde features to revert to those of an Indian woman.

Near mint condition.