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The Cute Manifesto [Paperback] James Kochalka (Author, Artist). Just think of this as Kochalka’s Dianetics. It’s a powerful mixture of philosophy and comics, and it can literally change your life forever. In a dangerously uncertain world, Kochalka plots a theoretical path to happiness. Collecting some of his most intensely thoughtful work, this book struggles with all the big issues: comics and art, birth and death, technology and joy, and everything in between. It collects “The Horrible Truth about Comics,” “Reinventing Everything” parts 1 and 2, “Sunburn,” “The Cute Manifesto,” and even Kochalka’s famous “Craft is the Enemy” essays. An excellent book that stretches the comic medium. I don’t agree with everything he says, but it’s always fascinating to be exposed to other points of view. Kochalka makes a bunch of excellent points. His essay “The Horrible Truth About Comics” is particularly thought provoking. A lot of what he says could be applied to any art field. Good food for thought.


Near mint, 1st print.