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Starship Troopers (2006 Markosia) #1C

Published Mar 2006 by Markosia
Written by Tony Lee
Art by Sam Hart
36pgs, Full color (1 of 4)

‘ALAMO BAY’ – Part 1 (of 4)

We follow a raw recruit, Will Tanner as he joins a Mobile Infantry unit – Tamari’s Tigers – on a rescue mission to Alamar ‘ALAMO’ Bay. But when they arrive, they find that the base is surrounded by bugs, and that the base itself has secrets – secrets that cannot be let out into the world! Meanwhile Sergeant Lock meets an old ‘friend’ and realizes a chance to get out of the war for good, even if it means murder to do so. Can Will keep his wits together to not only fight the attacking bugs, but to save a young privates life? Based on the bestselling novel by Robert A. Heinlein, ALAMO BAY takes the best parts from the book, TV series and movie – and has cameos from loved characters like Carmen, Rico and Zim!

In the war against the bugs, meet Rookie Will Tanner and the Mobile Infantry unit Tamari’s Tigers! When a simple retrieval mission goes wrong, Will finds himself trapped on a world of bugs – and with a Sergeant he doesn’t trust.

As the war against the bugs continues, rookie Will Tanner joins Tamari’s Tigers – one of the fiercest units in the mobile infantry in time for their next mission – to rescue the survivors of Alamar ‘Alamo’ Bay from a planet of bugs. Digitally painted art from Sam Hart and written by Tony (Shadowmancer/Brothers) Lee.

For decades now, Starship Troopers has been the benchmark for military Sci Fi, with Heinlein’s award winning book birthing movies, television shows, toys, computer games, boardgames and miniature wargaming scenarios – and of course comic mini series, with stories by Dark Horse (including one by Warren Ellis) and the Japanese Anime Uchu no Senshi.

In recent years however, the comic torch has been passed to Mongoose and Markosia Publishing for the critically acclaimed trilogy ‘Blaze Of Glory’ – three, four-issue stories, ‘Alamo Bay’, ‘Dead Man’s Hand’ and ‘Damaged Justice’ that chronicle the war through the eyes of Tamari’s Tigers , a platoon in the Mobile Infantry, fighting the Bugs wherever needed.

“It’s become a cult hit.” Richard Emms, EIC of Markosia explains. “And as we were starting the third book, we were already having fans ask us what was next. We decided to give them what they wanted.”

In December 2011, film producer Neal H. Moritz announced plans to produce a reboot of the Starship Troopers film franchise. In November 2016, Columbia and Moritz announced the writing team of Mark Swift and Damian Shannon had been signed to pen the screenplay. Verhoeven expressed skepticism at the proposed remake, citing reports that it draws heavily from the original militaristic 1959 novel.

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