Star Trek Poster #54 Enterprise Crew on Genesis Search for Spock


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William Shatner reprises the role of Admiral James T. Kirk, Starfleet officer. Shatner remarked that being directed by Leonard Nimoy, his longtime co-star and friend, was initially awkward, although as the shoot went on it became easier as Shatner realized how confident Nimoy was.

DeForest Kelley is cast again as Leonard McCoy, doctor and the carrier of Spock’s living spirit. Kelley has the majority of the film’s memorable scenes, but admitted to occasional difficulties in acting with and being directed by his longtime co-star. However, he has declared that he had no doubts about Nimoy’s ability to direct the film. Responding to suggestions that Star Trek copied Star Wars, Kelley asserted that the opposite was true. Playing the other crew members are James Doohan, as Montgomery Scott, the chief engineer; George Takei, as Hikaru Sulu, Enterprise’s helmsman; Walter Koenig, as Pavel Chekov, navigation and acting science officer. Takei was dismayed to hear that his character was called “Tiny” by a guard at McCoy’s cell during the film, and argued with the film’s producer to have the line cut. When Takei saw the first screening of the film, he changed his mind and promptly apologized. He would later admit in his To the Stars: The Autobiography of George Takei that “without that snipe from the guard, the scene where Sulu eventually beats up that same guard would not have played even half as heroically for Sulu”.

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