Spider-Man Poster #130 Amazing Fantasy 15 (Cut-off version)


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Amazing Adult Fantasy and its retitled final issue, Amazing Fantasy, is an American comic book anthology series published by Marvel Comics from 1961 through 1962, with the latter title revived with superhero features in 1995 and in the 2000s. The final 1960s issue, Amazing Fantasy #15 (cover-dated August 1962), is the title that introduced the popular superhero character Spider-Man. Although the interior artwork was by Steve Ditko alone, Lee rejected Ditko’s cover art and commissioned Jack Kirby to pencil a cover that Ditko inked. As Lee explained in 2010, “I think I had Jack sketch out a cover for it because I always had a lot of confidence in Jack’s covers.” With issue #15 (Aug. 1962) Amazing Adult Fantasy was retitled Amazing Fantasy. In numerous interviews Lee recalls how the title had been slated for cancellation, and that therefore, with nothing to lose, publisher Martin Goodman reluctantly agreed to allow him to introduce Spider-Man, a new kind of superhero — one who would be a teenager, but not a sidekick, and one who would have everyman doubts, neuroses and money problems. Sales for Amazing Fantasy #15, however, actually proved to be one of Marvel’s highest at the time, so the company installed Spider-Man into a series of his own. In September 2000, Metropolis Comics in New York City brought the only known CGC-graded 9.6 (near-mint plus) copy to market and sold it for $140,000. In October 2007, a near-mint copy sold for $210,000 in an online auction on ComicLink. A near-mint CGC-graded 9.6 copy sold for $1.1 million to an unnamed collector on March 7, 2011!

Near mint condition.