Spider-Man Poster #13 by Alex Ross


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Spider-Man is the greatest superhero ever created. He is what introduced me to comics. What still appeals to me after all these years is the goodness of his character. Essentially, he’s just a Good Person. He isn’t a killer like Captain America…he isn’t mentally disturbed like Batman. He’s just a regular guy trying to do some good in the world and take care of the people close to him. If that isn’t what makes a good person I don’t know what does. I also feel he’s more powerful than he realizes. Anyone who read Civil War will remember how important it was to both Iron Man and Captain America to get Peter on their side. I don’t think that was simply because of how convenient it was to have someone close to you being able to warn you when you’re in danger. It was more because there isn’t a hero in the Marvel Universe who hasn’t been touched by Spider-Man. That’s powerful from a strategic standpoint. I feel Spider-Man is destined to lead The Avengers one day!

Near mint condition.