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This is a magnificent limited edition Senitype 35MM Film Frame Card from Spiderman This limited Edition Senitype is produced from a select single computer generated image (CGI) and includes one (1) frame of corresponding film footage produced from that image. The Spiderman image is digitally scanned and expertly reproduced using intricate state of the art imaging and printing techniques. The film footage is an actual 35mm film frame reproduced from the original CGI image by master film technicians. This Spider-Man Senitype features Spider-Man leaping out of the way of the Green Goblins razor bats in the fire building! Hollywood Archives Collectibles, Inc. is proud to present The Senitype, Hollywood’s Official Film Cel! Hollywood Archives Collectibles produces millions of Senitypes which are 35mm film cel(s) embedded in a collectible card with a limited edition image from a movie or other entertainment entity. To date some of the highest grossing and critically-acclaimed films including BREAKING DAWN from THE TWILIGHT SAGA FRANCHISE, SPIDERMAN, and THE MATRIX are part of the Senitype legacy. Includes the classic Senitype limited-edition film cell card with a 35mm film cel. “I had the pleasure of collaborating with John Dykstra and a talented team of artists at Sony Pictures Imageworks on the CGI version of Spider-Man for nearly two years. This shot represents the culmination of that work. I continue to be amazed when I compare CGI Spidey versus Tobey Maguire in the suit. In most instances they are indistinguishable. Beyond the photorealism, what impressed me about this particular shot was the ability of the animators to capture the grace and ability of the human form. Spidey’s fluidity, the way in which he dodges the “razor bats” in the air and dances away from their deadly blades makes this show, this cel, one of my favorites from the film.” – Sam Raimi. Near mint condition!