Spider-Man 1 DM-2 Todd McFarlane NEAR MINT Condition 1st print


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Spider-Man (1990) Silver Edition #1

Published Aug 1990 by Marvel.

This is an unbagged black cover with silver webbing. Torment: Part 1 of 5. Story, art and cover by Todd McFarlane. Fresh off his legendary run on Amazing Spider-Man, super-star artist Todd McFarlane is given the reigns to his very own Spidey title. Right out of the gate the wall-crawler will be challenged like never before as mysterious and ominous drums in the distance are driving the savage Lizard to cut a swath of death and destruction through the streets of New York City. Can Spider-Man discover the one responsible for this madness before his arch foe causes more damage?

Todd McFarlane begins including images of Felix the Cat in the interior art of many issues after meeting someone suffering from post-traumatic stress who carried around a Felix the Cat doll
The man told McFarlane that he was not a fan of superhero books, therefore he didn’t purchase Spider-Man comics, McFarlane asked if he would start reading them if Felix the Cat was drawn into them and the man said, “yes”.

Near mint, 1st print. Bag&Board, Been sitting boxed for 30+ years, one owner!