Spawn Poster # 14 by Greg Capullo and Todd McFarlane


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Al Simmons was murdered during a mission in Botswana for the USSG’s Operation Knightstrike by fellow mercenary Bruce Stinson (also known as Chapel), at the order of Director Wynn, and was sent to hell because of his life as an assassin. After arranging a deal with the being known as Malebolgia, Simmons agrees to become a Hellspawn in exchange for being allowed to see his wife, Wanda Blake, one last time. Malebolgia returns Simmons to the world, but with little memory, a badly burned and disfigured body, and his newly acquired hellspawn powers. Overseen by a demon known as The Violator (Clown) that monitors his commitment to Malebolgia’s pact, Simmons slowly realizes that five years have passed since his death. After deciding to seek out Wanda for his one final visit, he shape-shifts his body but discovers his powers cannot indefinitely maintain his former appearance. After locating her, Simmons discovers that his wife has since married his best friend, Terry Fitzgerald, and the two have a daughter, Cyan. Emotionally shattered at his discovery, Simmons is left with the choice of whether to fulfill his agreement with Malebolgia.

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