Sonic the Hedgehog Poster # 5 Sonic Shadow Finitevus by Tracy Yardley


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Doctor Finitevus is an anthropomorphic echidna from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series. He was formerly a part of the Dark Legion under the unofficial title of “Technomage”, as well as being a “deputy Guardian”, of sorts. Before appearing in his current incarnation, however, he was an unnamed scientist from the echidna city of Albion. An anthropomorphic Echidna, Finitevus’ fur was originally red like most echidnas but became entirely white after his transformation, except for the black collar on the chest similar to Knuckles the Echidna’s symbol and Lara-Su’s birthmark. Finitevus has dreadlocks like all echidnas, and on his forehead rests a swirling pattern. His eyes, originally purple, came to have black sclera and yellow irises and are not in any way unnatural despite their strange appearance. Dr. Finitevus wears a silver belt with a crescent moon symbol on the buckle and a black cape with horizontal white and black stripes on the inside, which is held by a golden clasp inscribed with an identical symbol. (The cape’s design differs between the actual story and Finitevus’ biography page. In Finitevus’ story appearances, his cape is black inside and out and has a golden star surrounded by several rings on the front.) Unlike the rest of the Dark Legion he infiltrated for a time, Finitevus’ forearms and lower legs are covered with black guards or sleeves adorned with Warp Rings, while his hands and feet are wrapped in bandages like a mummy rather than having mechanical parts. (Ian Flynn, the writer for the Sonic the Hedgehog comics, has stated on his website that for as long as he has creative control over Finitevus, he will remain completely organic.)

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