Sock Monkey Pin-up # 1 Rick Geary


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Sock Monkey is a series of comics and illustrated books written and drawn by the American cartoonist Tony Millionaire. Sock Monkey relates the adventures of the titular sock monkey, named Uncle Gabby, and a plush crow named Mr. Crow. Despite being toys, they are able to move, think, talk, and eat, as are most of the other toys in the series. The books are notable for their intricate artwork, dark humor, and quaint, vaulted dialogue. The inspiration for books’ detailed settings come from Millionaire’s childhood memories of his grandparents’ Victorian house. In contrast to the scabrous humor of his weekly comic strip Maakies, Millionaire has said that “Sock Monkey is me trying to rise above all that bullshit, to be more poetic, looking at the bright side, remembering the things that used to delight me as a child.” At the same time, “the main theme to all the Sock Monkey books is the crashing of innocent fantasy into bone-crushing reality.”

Rick Geary (born 1946 in Kansas City, Missouri) is an American cartoonist and illustrator. Geary has drawn a variety of solo comic books and graphic novels for various publishers, including adaptations of Great Expectations, The Invisible Man and Wuthering Heights for the revived Classics Illustrated series and a kid-oriented Flaming Carrot spinoff. His most extensive project is his ongoing non-fiction comic book series, A Treasury of Victorian Murder. The series chronicles such 19th century criminals as H. H. Holmes, Lizzie Borden, Charles Guiteau and Jack the Ripper. In the series he often uses literary devices characteristic of 19th century popular literature. For example, The Borden Tragedy is narrated through excerpts of a period diary, and The Fatal Bullet didactically contrasts the lives and morality of Guiteau and his victim, President James Garfield.

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