Rise of Ultraman # 1 NM Marvel Kyle Higgins Francesco Manna Alex Ross Cover


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PUBLISHER Marvel Comics
WRITER Kyle Higgins, Mat Groom
ARTIST Francesco Manna, Michael Cho
SERIES 1 of 5
48 pages, Full Color

In darkness there lurks Kaiju – terrifying and unfathomable monsters. Between Kaiju and the rest of us stands the United Science Patrol! But who are these enigmatic defenders, and how do they perform their miracles? Shin Hayata and Kiki Fuji have spent half a lifetime trying to find out – and their quest is about to drive them toward a decades-old dark secret and put them on a collision course with a mysterious warrior from beyond the stars!

Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Mat Groom (Self/Made) and Francesco Manna (AVENGERS) reimagine the classic origin of a pop culture icon as The Rise of Ultraman begins!

Featuring a stunning main cover from legendary artist Alex Ross, Marvel’s upcoming series will reimagine the classic beginnings of one of the biggest worldwide pop culture icons: ULTRAMAN!

Storytelling masters Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Winter Soldier) and Mat Groom (Self/Made), together with superstar artists Francesco Manna (Avengers, Fantastic Four) Michael Cho (Captain America) and Gurihiru (The Unstoppable Wasp) will take fans back into the days of darkness, where the terrifying Kaiju lurk. When these unfathomable monsters threaten all life as we know it, the only thing standing in their way…is the United Science Patrol! Who are these enigmatic defenders, and how do they perform their miracles? Shin Hayata and Kiki Fuji have spent half a lifetime trying to find out – and their quest is about to drive them toward a decades-old dark secret and put them on a collision course with a mysterious warrior from beyond the stars!

“Across the globe, Ultraman is as iconic and well-recognized a character as Spider-Man or Iron Man, so when the opportunity arose for us to introduce his mythos to a new generation, as seen through the Marvel lens, we didn’t take that responsibility lightly,” said Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. “For fans of the classic 1966 series, there’ll be plenty of Easter eggs that you’ll recognize. But for those who’ve never experienced an Ultraman story before, this series will start at square one—launching an epic showdown fit for the modern age.”

“With release of Marvel’s The Rise of Ultraman series, Tsuburaya Productions and our partners at Marvel Comics are taking ULTRAMAN a massive step forward onto the global stage,” said Tsuburaya CEO Takayuki Tsukagoshi. “Marvel’s rendering of the ULTRAMAN story has been faithfully created with the highest level of respect, quality and creativity resulting in a storyline that expands the ULTRAMAN universe.”

Ultraman has been a pop culture staple since the franchise debuted in the 1960s, and his thrilling stories have been depicted on both the page and the screen. Now, Marvel Comics will be able to add to this iconic character’s legacy.

Rise of Ultraman #1 is an issue full of action and intrigue. A retelling of the classic Ultraman franchise for comic fans, the issue offers amazing art and is full of extras. Along with the Mill Creek Entertainment releases of the series, this issue becomes another magnificent way for individuals to enjoy the ever-growing Universe of Ultraman. Here is the creative involved with issue one; Kyle Higgins, Mat Groom (writers), Francesco Manna, Espen Grudentjern, Michael Cho, Gurihiru (art team), and VC’s Ariana Maher (letter work).

The writing team of Higgins and Groom takes the time to update the story of Ultraman to have it reflect a modern setting. The issue begins in the 60s as Dan Moroboshi (the human form of Ultra 7) experiences a first contact and moves into a modern world plagued by Kaiju and the USP as the only one who can stop it. From the second page, the issue captures the reader’s attention early and doesn’t let go.

The reimagination of Shin Hayata and Akiko Fuji is the most notable change but this aids in giving the pair more personality. Hayata is no longer a boy scout and instead of a skilled yet impatient person, thinking with his heart over his head. Fuji can repair the equipment for the USP but wants to be advance and become a field operative. They seem more relatable than the original characters who were characters with specific skills and little else.

The additional story segments of “Ultra Q” and “Kaiju Steps” aid in offering layers to the comic. “Ultra Q” serves to offers a look into the early days off fighting Kaiju on Earth while “Kaiju Steps” offers humorous PSAs on how to remain safe during Kaiju related events. Both are welcomed additions to the issue.

The art by Manna in the main story is a magnificent call back to the old shows. The vehicles and monsters are straight from the series and are immediately recognizable. Meanwhile, in the “Ultra Q” storyline, Cho utilities a gritty look and captures the feel of a flashback to a previous era.

The colorwork by Gudendetjern in the main story is phenomenal. Between the action effects and giving certain moments an extraterrestrial feel while reading the book, it feels like watching an episode of Ultraman. The look of Ultraman before becoming corporal as being a giant of light is magnificent.

The lettering by Maher adds to the immersive experience of the issue. The alien letters as Ultraman speaks is an excellent design touch. Also, the dialogue boxes with scratched out letters make the descriptions of places and objects feel like the reader is looking at classified redacted reports.

Rise of Ultraman #1 is a must-read for fans of Ultraman. Between the callbacks to the old show and the visually pleasing art, this issue is worth the purchase price. Once the series is complete, as long as the level of quality remains high, the book will serve as a means to help others understand the entertainment value of the franchise. Just like the Power Rangers comics from Boom Studios, Kyle Higgins has shown the world the immense joy hidden in the genre of Tokusatsu.

Shin Ultraman is an upcoming Japanese superhero kaiju film directed by Shinji Higuchi and written and produced by Hideaki Anno. A reimagining of Ultraman, the film is a co-production between Toho Pictures and Cine Bazar, with the film presented by Tsuburaya Productions, Toho, and Khara. After being delayed from a 2021 release date due to the pandemic, Shin Ultraman is scheduled to be theatrically released in Japan on May 13, 2022.

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