Prowler 1 NM Clone Conspiracy 1:10 Deodato Variant Cover Marvel Spider-Man 1stpr


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Prowler (2016 Marvel Now) #1C Limited 1:10 Retailer Incentive Variant Cover

Published Dec 2016 by Marvel
Written by Sean Ryan
Art by Jamal Campbell and Various
Cover by Mike Deodato
28 pages, full color
Limited 1 for 10 Retailer Incentive Variant Cover


Even a super hero’s life can get boring. Double-check your gear. Patrol the city. Save the innocent. Report back to your boss, The Jackal. Wait, what? Why is Prowler working for The Jackal? What does the resurrected Madame Web have to do with him? And what has Prowler already done that may have compromised him?!

Featured Characters:

Prowler (“Hobie Brown”) (Main story and recap)

Supporting Characters:

New U Technologies
Jack O’Lantern (Steven Levins) (Returns)
Massacre (Marcus Lyman) (Returns)
Tarantula (Anton Miguel Rodriguez) (Returns)
Mirage (Desmond Charne) (Returns)
Montana (Jackson Brice) (Returns)
Kangaroo (Frank Oliver) (Returns)
Jackal (“Miles Warren”)
Madame Web (Cassandra Webb) (Returns)
Electro (Francine Frye) (Main story and recap)

Characters like the Prowler, Mysterio, and others who have little or no real superpowers, have always been my favorite kind of Marvel character. They rely on pluck (or foolhardiness) and ingenuity, and because they don’t have godlike powers, have to think their way through situations to win, which makes for much more interesting plots and storylines than ones in which the reader sees splash pages of gods blasting each other, with as much interest to readers as characters in a videogame.

For those not familiar with this character, the Prowler is very similar to a young Batman but without the cash; he is intelligent and inventive, but doesn’t have the billions Batman does to create superweapons, which makes him even more interesting; how could he ever compete (or survive) in a world with the likes of the Hulk, Thor, or Doctor Doom?

He started out at a villain, but was convinced to change by Spiderman.

Sometimes, you just rush into things.

Hobie Brown, aka the Prowler, is back to life and trying to find his niche. After helping Spider-Man and being felled by a new Electro, Jackal finds a way to revive him and make him the head of security for his organization. Hobie is on a mission to find a threat to Jackal’s organization, only to become trapped in a new kind of web.

I’m calling Prowler #1 a soft (re)introduction to the character. Without having the history for Hobie and his relationship for Spider-Man, the issue feels like there are some parts missing, considering this series’ relationship with The Clone Conspiracy.

My favorite part of Sean Ryan’s writing is the set-up of the plot. The story within Prowler #1 runs full circle. Narrative devices like repetition of phrases at the beginning and ending of an issue are great when used deliberately and effectively. Ryan also creates Hobie as someone who has an extensive history, but who also holds a lot of potential. I like Hobie’s role in Jackal’s organization and I like the teeter-totter of morality that he experiences.

Jamal Campbell’s art is based on a pastel-like portrayal of images with vivid emphasis on characters. The pristine backgrounds are a calming presence, building on the subtlety of the story. Campbell creates a visual (re)introduction to Hobie that matches Ryan’s writing. Despite this soft style, a few characters stand out among others and their environment.

Electro and Madame Web are rather striking and they have a very different aura about them compared to anyone else in the story, especially the main character. Such a technique corresponds to their role in the story, enhancing the impact of Campbell’s style on the issue.

Prowler #1 was pretty cool. Hobie has a lot of promise, and the creative team executes him well. I look forward to what they do and I’m glad I took a chance on one of Marvel’s new headlining black men.

Near mint, 1st print. Bagged & Boarded.